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Mature trees
With this solution, you can reduce your CO2 impact up to:
658 ton CO2 / year
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Of avoided emissions from self-produced
electrical energy from renewable sources
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Of avoided emissions from self-produced
thermal energy from renewable sources
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E.g. I have 1.000 tons of waste biomass, I am paying 100 €/ton for disposal, I want to cut this cost
I want to create an energy community for 500 households with approx. 1.000 MWh of electrical energy consumption, using our locally available forest biomass

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About us

Company profile, technology, vision

About us

Innovation in Biomass Technology

RESET is an engineering and manufacturing company headquartered in Rieti – Italy: our core business is renewable energy and circular economy.
Owner of 2 international patents, the company was founded in 2015 by a team of 10 people, including the 4 founders. In 2022, the team reaches 70 people in a factory of 20.000 sqm located in Rieti, central Italy, where all departments are connected: R&D, engineering, manufacturing, business development.

RESET has developed SyngaSmart technology: an original biomass gasification system integrated with electrical and thermal energy generators in a compact, highly automated plant, designed for small-medium sized companies and communities.
SyngaSmart is a carbon-negative technology capable of delivering bioenergy while sequestering Carbon: its use represents both an alternative to fossil fuels and to traditional biomass and organic residues disposal practices. In fact, SyngaSmart allows to generate renewable energy using locally available agroforestry residues and organic waste, thus reducing costs and environmental impacts due to transport and landfilling.

SyngaSmart systems are available as skid-mounted units for indoor applications (PowerSkid), or containerized (CHP), up to 200 kWe in modular configurations. Both models include the HEAT option for only thermal production through syngas burner + boiler. Lastly, stand-alone gasification modules (GAS Unit) are available for revamping or repowering of existing plants, or for producing renewable biofuels, including Hydrogen.

The modular design allows to easily adapt the plant to the requirements of the installation site as well as to the characteristics of the available biomass.


Turnkey solutions

ReCare O&M Program Full Service - All Inclusive

The introduction of an innovative technology into existing processes requires a careful preliminary assessment, both technical and financial, as well as the certainty of carrying it out with a solid and structured partner capable of supporting you over time.

ReCare is RESET’s service program designed to simplify and support your innovation process, through a team of dedicated professionals and technicians: from the feasibility study to staff training for plant operation, after-sales services and spare parts supply.

Feasibility analysis

  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Biomass technical assessment
  • Business model development

Project management

  • Permitting
  • Plant customization and accessories
  • Commissioning

Installation and start up

  • In-house test before delivery
  • Installation
  • Start up and testing on the customer's premises

Training and O&M

  • Team training with remote support
  • Spare parts supply
  • Remote plant monitoring