Who we are

RESETRenewable Energy Solutions Environmental Technology – is a cleantech company. Our goal is to make innovation in the world of Renewable Source of Energy (biomass) small-size Cogeneration. The team, composed of engineers, technicians and professionals who have gained deep experience in the green energy business since 2008, has been focusing strongly upon biomass gasification and cogeneration in the last years, resulting in several testing and prototyping activities. Eventually, RESET has released SYNGASMART®, a 100% made in Italy integrated solution for power and heat generation through biomasses pyro-gasification, in a carbon-negative (link a Info & FAQ ‘CO2 negative cycle: carbon capture and sequestration (CCS)) NO WASTE – NO EMISSION production cycle.

RESET has filed an international patent application for SYNGASMART® and its technological innovations and features, which is currently patent-pending (N. 102016000111822 – 07/11/2016).

What we do

RESET designs and builds SYNGASMART® in its own production facility located in Rieti, in the center of Italy (80 km from north Rome). From iron cutting, to reactors welding, stainless steel piping, cabling, genset / heat exchangers / electric panel assembling, everything is done in-house by our team of skilled technicians, in order to thoroughly control each production step.

Beside this, RESET is able to provide a tailored business plan and feasibility / viability study with reference to specific parameters related to the installation context such as:

  • Levelized cost of electricity;
  • Cost of heating power;
  • Biomass availability and characteristics;
  • Customer’s power needs;
  • Presence of feed-in tariffs / support schemes for renewable energy production.

O&M program – training

Every machinery needs a maintenance program in order work correctly and do what it is supposed to do; with its “full service – all inclusive” ReCare O&M program, RESET can deliver proper Operations and Maintenance services through its skilled technicians; alternatively, we can provide our customer’s technicians with proper training and education in order to operate SYNGASMART® correctly via on site and long distance training courses.