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I want to create an energy community for 500 households with approx. 1.000 MWh of electrical energy consumption, using our locally available forest biomass

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Restart your biomass plant

with SyngaSmart gasification technology

Discover our solutions
Renewable energy

What you can do with SyngaSmart

Restart your biomass plant

Just replace your gasifier with a brand newsyngas generation equipment and electronics, connect to the existing engine and turn the plant on.

Switch from fossil fuels to renewable sources

You can transform an existing natural gas, diesel or other fossil fuels-based generator into a renewable energy one, fueled by feedstock such as wood chips or other dry organic waste.

CO2 reduction

By displacing fossil fuels-based energy and producing biochar, you can achieve a remarkable carbon footprint reduction and sequester Carbon.


Restart existing biomass plants

SyngaSmart technology is designed for maximum flexibility and modularity, and can be matched with most I.C.E.-based existing biomass plants, including those needing to be restored and updated with state-of-the-art systems. RESET engineers analyze the status of the plant, and support customers to choose the correct plant configuration in order to restart operations, recovering and reusing as much hardware as possible, including the engines.
A standard revamping intervention includes:

  • Gas generation unit replacement with an equivalent or oversized: that includes gasifiers, gas cleaning and cooling, blowers, biochar extraction and removal;
  • Electronics and automation replacement with RESET ReMotica system and software, for a correct plant supervision and management;
  • Engine restoration including syngas transformation kit

The minimum intervention starts at 50 kW equivalent, up to 200 kW and multiples with GAS Unit 520 model.


Revamping and repowering applications

Existing biomass plants for feed in tariffs or self-consumption

Conversion of fossil fuels-based generators to renewable sources

What is the right plant for you?

Use our plant configurator and discover the value of your biomass or how to optimize your energy expenditure




Organic fraction of MSW

Almond shells

Chicken manure

Tomato branches



SyngaSmart solutions for Revamping of existing plants

GAS Unit

GAS Unit is the modular solution for gaseous biofuels production from solid organic biomass. Available in either skid-mounted or containerized version, starting from 130 Nm3/h, it comprises one or more gasification units, syngas cleaning and cooling, automatic biochar extraction, electrical panel and management software, gas supply ramp.

GAS Unit can be installed for existing biomass plants revamping or repowering, including traditional diesel or natural gas gensets.

GAS Unit 130GAS Unit 260GAS Unit 520
Gas production / eq. kW130 Nm³ / 50260 Nm³ / 100520 Nm³ / 200
Biochar4,2 kg/h8,4 kg/h16,8 kg/h
Biomass Consumption60 kg/h120 kg/h240 kg/h
Skid Version DimensionsSkid 3.5×2.4 (m)Skid 3.7 x 2.4 (m)Skid 7.4×2.4 (m)
Container Version DimensionsContainer 10′
[3 x 2.4 x 2.9 m]
Container 20′
[6.1 x 2.4 x 2.6 m]
Container 30′
[9.1 x 2.4 x 2.9 m]

Turnkey solutions

ReCare O&M Program Full Service - All Inclusive

The introduction of an innovative technology into existing processes requires a careful preliminary assessment, both technical and financial, as well as the certainty of carrying it out with a solid and structured partner capable of supporting you over time.

ReCare is RESET’s service program designed to simplify and support your innovation process, through a team of dedicated professionals and technicians: from the feasibility study to staff training for plant operation, after-sales services and spare parts supply.

Feasibility analysis

  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Biomass technical assessment
  • Business model development

Project management

  • Permitting
  • Plant customization and accessories
  • Commissioning

Installation and start up

  • In-house test before delivery
  • Installation
  • Start up and testing on the customer's premises

Training and O&M

  • Team training with remote support
  • Spare parts supply
  • Remote plant monitoring