SYNGASMART® is engineered to obtain energy from woody biomasses gasification: consequently the ideal feedstock is represented by woodchips of almost any kind of timber, sifted to sizes 3 to 5 cm (1.2 to 1.5 in) in order to get rid of too big pieces that may block valves and augers, or obstruct the reactor, and fine particles that, due to small dimension, would burn without releasing the syngas, thus altering also the reactors proper temperatures. An adequate feedstock, with moisture content below 30%, translates into a more reliable and stable power generation and less O&M costs.

SYNGASMART® can also accept biomasses that differ from woodchips, as long as they are turned into briquettes that behave just like woodchips in the reactor: the sifted woody matter, or other crushed biomasses (shells or pomace, for example), can be reassembled through a briquetting machine and used in a gasification process, thus saving and valorizing a lot of waste biomass.