SYNGASMART® is the perfect solution for energivorous contexts looking for a tool to improve energy efficiency, costs and consequently the overall business performance; users can be listed into 4 categories:

1. DISTRICT HEATING and OFF-GRID COMMUNITIES: SYNGASMART® can supply clean energy to district heating networks in order to serve rural areas, off-grid communities, villages, hospitals, retirement houses, schools, sport centers, swimming pools, gyms, malls and so forth;

2. INDUSTRY: every production process requires electric power for lightning and machinery, and often also thermal power for domestic hot water and air conditioning. Some examples of industries that may benefit from using SYNGASMART® are: woodworking, industrial laundry facilities, food & beverage, breweries, wineries, cheeseries, textile…;

3. AGRICULTURE: farms need thermal power for production processes and often have easy access to biomass resources. Oil mills, wine producers, woodcutters and pellet industries are an example; another ideal one is represented by greenhouses and plant nurseries, where every output of SYNGASMART® can be tapped: electricity, heat, biochar and CO2;

4. ENERGY PRODUCERS and ESCo: a biomass CHP is not only an effective tool for reaching higher energy efficiency, but also an important business opportunity for those who have a biomass potential to valorize by turning it into clean energy. This type of investment translates into becoming an independent energy producer, and allows to turn low value feedstock into a valuable product: woodscraps, bagasse, rice husks are just an example of how a waste biomass can be turned from a cost (waste disposal) into a profit, if properly treated and used.